Availibility of rear trim panel

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Availibility of rear trim panel

Viesti Kirjoittaja Janita » 21 Tammi 2018, 19:04


I heard in the german Calibra Forum, that the rear trim panel can still be purchased at "Hella". It is called "Talmu" there?
Can someone here in this forum help me out with any informations about that? I'am asking, because in Germany, there aren't sold these panels anymore.
And it would be great, if I knew, where I could get one, when I'am in Finland during my holidays this year.

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Re: Availibility of rear trim panel

Viesti Kirjoittaja lepOsimA » 29 Tammi 2018, 15:51


I don't know if this helps, but here are resellers of Talmu/Hella products listed: http://www.talmu.fi/fi/jälleenmyynti
Talmu was bought by Hella some years ago. Perhaps it could be worth a shot to ask the resellers if they would have it in their stock
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