OCF Forum now available in English...

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OCF Forum now available in English...

Viesti Kirjoittaja TurboMac » 05 Kesä 2008, 09:52

Google Translate now includes website translation from Finnish to English (and vice-versa). It also continues to translate as you browse, so you can now read other forums/sections too. Its only a BETA version at the moment, so some of the translation isn't that good, but its a step in the right direction and it will improve.

The Translate Text section desperately needs people who understand both languages to contribute by clicking on "suggest a better translation". This will improve future updates.

Google Translate Main Page http://www.google.com/translate

OCF Forum in English http://www.google.com/translate?u=http% ... l=fi&tl=en

OCF Yhteyshenkilö
OCF Yhteyshenkilö
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Viesti Kirjoittaja ata » 05 Kesä 2008, 15:49

That was quite funny... :)

But from some topics it made some sense, some were "a bit" weird... :D
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Viesti Kirjoittaja unique » 09 Kesä 2008, 11:09

This is f*cking awesome! :lol:
I think i'll take this forum for now on..

It seems that i live in Brighton mlk. Funny :lollis:
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Viesti Kirjoittaja ^baxxter^ » 08 Heinä 2008, 04:24

hah :D

im gonna use that finglish forum to :lollis: :lollis:

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e-mail photos are wishing to ''

clip of my stable sale :lollis: :lollis: :sleep:

EDIT: location CHICAGO :lollis: :lollis: :lollis: :whack:

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