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[Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 21 Touko 2014, 12:50
Kirjoittaja Juodaragis_LT

I am from Lithuania and I found this treat about agila: Link and decided to join Your forum. Its nice to see another crazy man with similar ideas ;)
So to be more easy I thought that I make my own theme about the car.

Its 2007, 1.3 cdti Opel Agila.
I bought it from Germany. At fist glance condition was not bad, but there was many chassis problem and other small things.

its 51 kw, but i chipped it, so on paper they say that it should be about 69 kw. Fuel consuptions in city: 6 - 6.5 l for 100km and I am not trying to save fuel :)

For drop i bought new Opel Astra G coiloveros. With some modifications I manage to put in on a car. The only thing that doesnt fit is rear springs, so I used BMW e30 springs (cutted). But now I see that I need stiffener springs if I want to go lower.

Done almost nothing. Just changed speedometer becouse it was without revs meter and added Audio CD30. If there will be some spare money maybe some front recaro seats :) but in a far future.

Added rear spoiler, repainted some body parts, instaled front fog lights (yellow, its not legal but worth it). Had to modify fenders becouse wheels were not happy :). In future want to tint windows, black roof and black metal between front and rear windows (dont know how it calls in english) and of course Irmscher front grill. By the way, bought some mirrors from japan, but i doesnt fit. Maybe will figure out somethink.

Put some ATS CUP R15, 7j, ET27 wheels with 165/50 tyres. There are some strech. Hoped for more but will be ok.

So thats my little car.
Fell free to ask and comment ;) Thank You.

Some photos:







Re: [Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 21 Touko 2014, 21:29
Kirjoittaja Miseline
Chek facebook Team db Hukassa
Finish dude agila db projekt.
Litle different style buil Agila. :nerd:

Re: [Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 21 Touko 2014, 21:45
Kirjoittaja Miseline
Suzuki wagon r+ rear pumber it nicer than agila and then register plate is on pumber and you can smooth your "back door"

I think that corsa b coils is allmous bolt on from agila front.

Nice motor you have and nice clean look. :bye:

Somethin i google nicer rear lights meaby wagon r+ liht (red/black crystal led )

Re: [Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 21 Touko 2014, 21:50
Kirjoittaja Miseline

Re: [Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 14 Kesä 2014, 00:09
Kirjoittaja Miseline
best wheels are for agila 15" i think
14" wheel you dont find low profile tyre

Examble 8X14" wheel

195/40r14 need more than 9" deep wheel

Examble 8x15" wheel

Nice wheels are kr1022 8x15" and SCHMIDT MODERNLINE 8x15 :ruoska:

Re: [Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 02 Elo 2014, 23:56
Kirjoittaja Miseline

Re: [Agila] Dropped one

Lähetetty: 09 Touko 2015, 08:41
Kirjoittaja Miseline
How are you? Are you a car modified this yer?